Tuesday, July 14, 2009


Allow me to introduce myself -- I am a 2009 DePaul University graduate with a B.A. in PR and Advertising and minor in Marketing. I am interested in the idea of integrated marketing communication, and specifically, how to utilize the Internet and social media tools to achieve an cohesive message.

This past Winter I took MKT395, Interactive/Internet Marketing, and it really heightened my interest in the potential of the Internet. In this course we focused on SEO, banner ads, and affiliate marketing, as well as how to evaluate response metrics.

In MKT395 we also spent a significant amount of time covering current news topics related to Internet marketing. As a result, social media sites like YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, etc. came up regularly in conversation. When it came time for me to register for Spring classes, I was thrilled to see MKT398, Special Topics in Marketing: Social Media Marketing, so I could continue to learn about this up and coming industry.

I currently work as a marketing associate at a Chicago Interior Design firm. While I enjoy the work I I perform, I would prefer to work less in traditional marketing and more into Internet and social media marketing. Ideally, I would love to work as an interactive account coordinator and consult on ways that companies can utilize Internet and social media tools in addition to traditional marketing and communication strategies and tactics.

I am hoping that the knowledge I have gained from MKT395 and MKT398, as well as my experience from working as a marketing communications intern will help supplement my future career and increase my chances at acquiring a job in this industry.

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