Friday, July 24, 2009

Typography Pt. II: Text Shape Assignment

I'm a little shy about putting my designs on display, but this is one assignment I'm fairly proud of. I haven't had much education in actual graphic design and I also created this assignment at a time when I was fairly new to Photoshop. There are certainly ways that I could have tweaked this design to improve the overall look and design, but I'm happy with the outcome and I enjoyed the assignment.


Make two designs in Photoshop. For each, choose 1 letter. Your task is to lose the letter’s textual identity. Treat it as a shape only. Use the letter as many times as you like, as large or as small as you like 20 layers minimum. Maximum of 1 color for a color grouping, otherwise, use grayscale.

One design will emphasize CONTINUATION. Create visual movement around the image, but keep it balanced. The other design will create 3 GROUPS based on 3 METHODS OF SIMILARITY. This design should also be well balanced. Make your designs INTERESTING to look at. But: DO NOT form your letters into any recognizable shapes, faces, creatures, etc.

Here they are...

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